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Shirley is a Seattle-based artist. She received her BFA in Painting from the University of Kansas, Lawrence and an MFA in Printmaking from University of Wisconsin, Madison. After having spent her childhood and young adult years in the Kansas City area, Shirley made opportunities to travel and live in other creative communities. Chicago figurative artists, the Prinzhorn Collection, and the women of “The Amazing Decade” were early influences. Artist working outside the accepted trends and staking a claim in the cultural conversation were powerful mentors. Shirley lived in NYC in 1979, Scotland in 1985, and Rome in 1995. She has traveled extensively in the US, and traveled to Madrid, Paris, and Japan. Her passion for equal opportunity education resulted in a teaching position at the University of Washington, Seattle in1986. She now lives and works in her private studio on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington.

“My work is anchored in story-telling and my relationship with nature. Engagement with nature was first encouraged by my father’s farming history, his love of the water, and the mountains. We lived in a Kansas City neighborhood close to the Nelson-Atkins Museum where I discovered Asian Art and books by Allen Watts. Experiencing the sensitivity of Asian ink paintings and wilderness hikes combined with an understanding of Rachael Carson’s research influenced my joining neighbors establishing a food cooperative in 1974 that focused on local-grown and organic foods. I feel a responsibility and love for the earth and a love of others’ stories. I am to this day a gardener, sailor, swimmer and hiker which informs my creativity. My interest in making things began in my early childhood.  Painting and drawing, for me, is thinking with the heart.”

Shirley Scheier